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Thank you Baden! Axe Bat


I would like to thank Rusty Trudeau at Baden for sponsoring the buckets and baseballs for Auburn this weekend. Rusty is a big help with our Alabama program and has been with us for 6-7 years.  Baden has the Axe Bat and a lot of new innovations for youth baseball teams. Baden website is: or or you can email him at for any Tech help with the Axe Bat.



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UpperCut 300pt Wood Bat Thank you

Thank you Uppercut Bat Company for all the hard work this past weekend!

Wood Bats are provided by Uppercut

Uppercut 300 point Wood Bat

Tournament Director:

 Dee Black 256-710-2388


Schedules normally posted on Tuesday night 9pm 

Check back for any changes Thursday night 9PM

Baseball Schedule


Coaches Info: 1)    3 Free Coaches Passes only. All 3 Coaches must sign in at the gate and leave one phone #. 2)    Pick up baseballs, copy of team insurance, in the 2nd floor tower 30 minutes before first game. 3)    Game and Travel Request need to be emailed to me on Monday please! Team Info: 1) ZERO tolerance on arguing judgment calls at USSSA events. Ejection Policy is that game + one more. 2) All times are central time zone!

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Gulfport MS Summer Games 2014


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2013 Alabama Players of the Year

Alabama USSSA would like to congraduate the 2013 Players of the Year.

Ben Graham

Chase Williams

Zach Wyatt

Mathew Egan

Landon Hollinghead

Ryan Carpenter

Johnathan Marino

Nicholas McCord

Mac Bowman

Major Paracca

Byron McElroy

Austin King

Carson Tyree

Eain Headley

Davis Gillespie

Christopher Goodwin

Thomas Kerby

Nicholas Sims

Paulson Wright

Carson Kim

Stran Sawyer

Will Cannon

Samantha Sherer

Jack Williamson

Colton Wood

Alex Warner

Jeremiah Shockley

Andrew Dutton

Jason Roberts

Cade Davis

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Coach Help: Pitching 101 Education

Pitching Rules


Pitchers may NOT return to the pitching rubber once removed from mound or lineup per Rule 8.08.F.5. Page 38.


*Per USSSA Rules, a Courtesy runner may be used for pitcher and catcher at any point in the inning. The courtesy runner must be a substitute if one is available and can only appear once per inning. If no substitute is available (batting the entire roster) then you can use the last batted out.


*PITCHING Rules.   Per USSSA “Official Rules”  

Age Division One Day Max to pitch next day. One Day Max. 3 Day Max
7U – 12U 3 6 8
13U – 14U 3 7 8
15U – 18U Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited



THE NEXT DAY: The maximum number of innings a player can legally pitch in one (1) day and still pitch the next day.

Rule 8.05.C.1 Example: In the 7U –14U age divisions, a player may legally pitch a maximum of three (3) innings in one (1) day and still legally pitch the next day. If the player pitches three and one-third (3 1/3) or more innings in one (1) day, the player can not legally pitch the next day.

8.05.C.2 ONE DAY MAXIMUM: The maximum number of innings a player can legally pitch in one (1) day.

Rule 8.05.C.2 Example: In the 7U – 12U age divisions, a player may legally pitch a maximum of six

(6) innings in one (1) day. The player would be ineligible to pitch the next day. Similarly, in the 13U –

14U age divisions, a player may legally pitch a maximum of seven (7) innings in one (1) day. The

player would be ineligible to legally pitch the next day.

8.05.C.3 THREE DAY MAXIMUM: The maximum number of innings a player can legally pitch in three (3)

consecutive days.

Rule 8.05.C.3 Example: In the 7U – 14U age divisions, a player may legally pitch a maximum of

eight (8) innings in three (3) consecutive days. This is to be interpreted as a player may legally pitch

any combination of innings to equal eight (8) innings in two (2) days as long as the player doesn’t

pitch more than three (3) innings the first (1st) day. Similarly, as a player may legally pitch any

combination of innings to equal eight (8) innings in three (3) days as long as the player doesn’t pitch

more than three (3) innings the first (1st) or second (2nd) days.


8.05.C.4(a) A player that pitches more than three (3) innings in one day MUST rest the next day.

8.05.C.4(b) A player that pitches eight (8) innings in two (2) consecutive days MUST rest the nextday.

8.08.C.4(c) A player that pitches eight (8) innings in three (3) consecutive days MUST rest the next day.

8.08.C.4(d) A player that pitches three (3) consecutive days (regardless of total quantity of innings

pitched) MUST rest the next day.

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Coaches Help: Edit Demographics

More Coaches Meeting Highlights:

      1. Updating Demographics on your USSSA Managers Menu is very important to start the year.If you have changed your email address over the winter please log on to your managers menu and double check the correct email address is used.

      2. While you are in your demographics please add the text messaging option to your account.

      3. If you would like for your assistant coaches to get the same USSSA emails from us please add them to your “assistant coach” option to your USSSA Managers Menu.  Or you can add the email to “Roster adds and updates”.  Just edit the player and add the adult/coaches email address to the players profile.

      4. While you are in the Players Edit Profile please don’t add every players email address and info. Its not necessary and its more work than its worth.

      5. If you spell a player’s name wrong that already has a history with USSSA please email us ASAP. What you have done is given the same player TWO ID numbers with USSSA and  he wont have the past history of the last team. We can combine the history into one.

      6. If you want to edit a players name, that is already listed on your roster, you now have the power to do that under “edit players”. The only thing you can not edit is the players birthday and last name.  So if you type in the players wrong “day of birth” by mistake please email us ( to change it to the correct birth date.

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Coaches Help: Planning a Spring Schedule

Coaches Meeting Highlights:

Highlight 1: Signing up for events is simple to do. Just click on the price of the event to enter 3-4-5-6-10 events. Then go to “view schedule” in your managers menu to look at the 3-4-5-6-10 events you signed up for. (special note: If for some reason an event doesn’t happen we can always move you to the next closest event on Tuesday morning) So please sign up for any local events early.

Highlight 2: Rosters freezing on April 1st. Frozen Rosters vs Non Frozen Rosters. Please make sure you read rule 3 in the USSSA bylaws.

Highlight 3: Local events, State Tournaments, Super NIT’s, Global WS Qualifiers and World Series:  We have something for everyone and every team in 2014 but only if you plan a schedule and sign up for events closest to home.

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Thank you Uppercut Bat Company

Thank you Brian Boatner and Uppercut Bat Company for a great weekend in Montgomery and Gulfport Miss. Dee Black

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Uppercut Wood Bat Company

Welcome Alabama USSSA newest Wood Bat Sponsor!

Facebook Page:

TUPELO, Miss. (AP) — Ever since the game of baseball was invented, players have needed two essential pieces of equipment: a ball and a bat.

It’s the former that one Northeast Mississippi company is making a name for itself.

The Uppercut Bat Co. is less than two years old, but it has drawn a legion of fans and customers who have taken to the company’s wood bats.

“We started talking about it about three and a half years ago, and about a year and a half ago we started to really delve into it,” said founder Brian Boatner.

With offices in Sherman and production in Belden, Uppercut is a small operation, with only four employees, including Boatner.

It’s no Louisville Slugger — and the company has no plans to get that big — but Uppercut makes bats from the same high-quality ash, maple and birch the bigger companies use.

Uppercut’s wood of choice, however, is maple. While it’s a little more expensive, it’s stronger than ash and less prone to shatter.

The company’s customers are mostly little league, high school and minor league teams and players, but word of mouth has drawn interest from every level.

The Cotton States Baseball League, a six-team collegiate wooden bat league based in New Albany, uses Uppercut as its official bat.

This past week, Uppercut was in Omaha, Neb., for two major youth baseball tournaments to demonstrate its bats. There’s no shortage of baseball tournaments, and Uppercut is stepping up its efforts to attend as many of them as it can.

“There’s not a better way to show your product than to toss some bats to players and have them take BP (batting practice) with them,” said Ryan Moody, who heads sales for the company.

Uppercut isn’t Boatner’s first entrepreneurial venture. In addition to that company, he also has a hand in a T-shirt company and another sports-related business.

Boatner, 28, himself is no stranger to baseball. A standout at Saltillo High who went on to play at Itawamba Community College and the University of North Alabama, Boatner got in the sporting goods equipment business with an invention of his own about eight years ago.

The Shoulder Shield came about after Boatner suffered a labrum injury. While surgery was successful, his arm was constantly tight.

“I looked for a shirt for some sort of support, but eventually I just made one,” he said. “It was crude but did what it needed to do.”

After trial and error with designs and materials, Boatner created a neoprene sleeve that traps heat in users’ shoulders and elbows.

The Shoulder Shield keeps the joints loose, something athletes want to maintain for peak performance.

Its popularity goes beyond baseball, with college and professional-level players in other sports including softball, tennis and volleyball using it.

“We’re selling it across the country,” Boatner said.

With Uppercut, Boatner hopes he can develop another strong customer base, although he freely admits bat-making companies are regional in scope for the most part.

“Customers tend to be very loyal to the bats they use,” he said. “But we looked around and there really wasn’t anybody making bats in the area. The nearest companies are in Nashville and Baton Rouge. So we saw a niche.”

With only a four-man crew and two lathes, Uppercut can make 200 to 300 bats a week.

The bats are custom-ordered and designed, and can come with a variety of coats and colors.

While it’s a fairly simple process to make the bats, it does take time from start to finish to get the bats ready for use.

Depending on the size of the job, an order typically takes three to four days to complete.

Boatner and Moody say the prices for their bats are competitive. An adult bat made from ash is about $75, while a maple bat costs $5 to $10 more. Youth bats start around $55.

“We’re not trying to be a discount bat company, though” Boatner said.

Already, he has plans to build a new facility and to add more equipment to ramp up production.

“In three years, I see us with more employees and making many more orders,” he said.


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Alabama Baseball New Tryouts

 Coaches and Team Managers:


Step one: You must be LOG on playusssa with a user ID and PW.

Click HERE

Step two: One you are log on the comment box at the bottom of the page will appear.

Once your logged on please post your team tryout info in the comment reply box below. Then your tryout will appear once I read the blog and  approve it.

If you have any problems just email Dee Black with your post at  .  Thanks Dee

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